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Using Our Scheduler Course, Closed 3 Leads Before Starting!

Event Booked Solid After Only 8 Days!

17 New Patient Appointments in One Week!

Neuropathy Event Was Booked Solid!

We’ve Closed on 80-90% of Our Leads!

85 Registrants (Plus Guests) for His Regen Event in Only 8 Days!

Six People Scheduled for His Laser Treatment in His First Week!

Got Four New Patient Appointments on Their First Day!

Received 24 New Patient Appointment Requests in One Week!

Over $14,000 in New Patients in One Month!

30 Leads in Under a Month!

First Scheduled Appointment Was A $1500 Package!

$18,000 Profit in One Week!

Another Event with The Room Filled Up!

Over $300,000 Made in the First 6 Months!

Double Digit Leads Each Week!

“I’ve Been With The Customer Factory For Over A Year, We’ve Grown Every Month Since.”

21 New People Registered to His Seminar In A Week!

Has Gotten 49 Leads in A Week!

Scheduled 8 Appointments in 3 Days!

Two Leads Within Three Days of Website Launch!

12-15 Leads Per Week, Per Campaign!

Had 11 Leads in A Single Weekend!

16 New Patients Closed from One Event!

Booked Solid a Full Month Ahead!

$20K Per Month in Sales!

“Our Volume of Qualified Neuropathy Leads Went Through the Roof!”

“Consistent New Patients for 7 Months!”

Had Six New Patient Appointment Requests in One Weekend!

Closed 3 Out of 4 of the Leads He Got, His First Week!

“Doubled My Practice to 600K/yr!”

10-16 New Patients Per Month!

1-3 New Patient Appointments Per Day Sustained Over Four Years!

“340+ registrants for my in-person workshops.”

“In a given month 82% of leads became new patients.”

“I can tell you our total practice grew by 136% last year alone.”

“Without John and Merle and your team of staff, we would not have anything.”

“Over 45 Leads in Just 3 Days!”

“38 New Patients In A Month!”

“57 New Patients In Under A Month!”

“New Patients Every Week”

“We’re seeing 40-50 new patients a month from our marketing!”

“We now have a 2 week waiting list, and see 25-30 new decompression patients a week.”

“5 new decompression patients closed in one week!”

“This year alone, we broke our highest-ever new patient visits and expanded into a 10,000 sqft new facility. Breaking $200,000 in a month from just our new patient marketing alone.”

“5X’d My Annual Revenue with The Customer Factory”

“Took my Neuropathy events to a 96.43% Show Rate!””



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