Neuropathy Event Was Booked Solid!


Neuropathy Event Was Booked Solid!

The Situation

Dr. Darrin Foszcz, a chiropractor in Spring Grove, IL who had been open for 20 years. He wanted to grow his practice and knew he could do that through online marketing. However, after a couple poor situations with other marketers, he was hesitant with future online marketing attempts. 

The Solution

After coming to us through referral, we wanted to put Dr. Darrin’s mind at ease. We started a neuropathy event campaign, advertising his neuropathy events to people who matched his Facebook followers, suffered from neuropathy symptoms, and those who lived in the area. We then put his staff through our New Patient Scheduler course.

The Results

We had a great turnout. The venue was completely packed!

Dr. Darrin’s events have done well with us. So well, that Dr. Darrin has started multiple other campaigns with us is order to bolster other services offered at his practice.

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