“5X’d My Annual Revenue with The Customer Factory”


“5X’d My Annual Revenue with The Customer Factory”

The Situation

Dr. Ryan Bowers has been practicing for over 14 years. His clinic offers regenerative medicine, chiropractic, physical rehabilitation, and neuropathy treatments.

Previously had an acquaintance running the marketing for his practice and got little to no results.

He was medically integrating his practice and needed a new solution. He wanted to get the word out about his new services and rebrand his clinic. Was looking to expand his practice primarily with neuropathy treatments, and regenerative medicine cases for knee/joint pain.

The Solution

A plan was put together to touch on all aspects of his current practice and the future expansion goals.

It began with running concurrently a patient reactivation campaign to let his current patients know about the new services the office was able to deliver, and a Facebook campaign for neuropathy while everything got set up to deliver regenerative medicine treatments.

All of his staff trained on the new patient schedulers course and started effectively filling their books. Within a month he was ready to start his second campaign for knee pain and launched his new integrated marketing website.

Seeing great results, we next added a branding campaign to more Facebook followers for his pages and added a third campaign for Herniated discs.

The Results

In past 2 years with The Customer Factory I grew my practice from 300k to over 1.5 Million per year in revenue.

In the past 60 days alone, he has gotten over 350 appointment requests between his 3 campaigns, added 77 new followers to his Facebook page, and gotten over 150 new calls generated from AI-Assisted Follow Up. The average cost per lead is still $40.10


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