17 New Patient Appointments in One Week!


17 New Patient Appointments in One Week!

The Situation

Dr. Jeremy McKelroy is a chiropractor in Jonesboro, AR who built his practice off of 15 years of hard work and TV advertisements. But when the ads stopped working, he looked to online marketing to substitute it. After being burned by a few companies, he was starting to lose faith. He was looking to expand his office and retire soon, so he needed a change fast.

The Solution

Dr. McKelroy found us after receiving one of our mailers, and decided to give us a try. He started a sciatica decompression campaign with us, and we marketed his services to anyone of his Facebook followers, who suffered from sciatica symptoms, and were in is practice’s surrounding zip codes. We put his staff though our New Patient Scheduler Course, and set up our special AI to assist in scheduling.

The Results

Things have started clicking! We just scheduled three appointments using that AI program.

Dr. McKelroy has been pleased with service so far, and recently had a big boom in leads. In just one week, he received 17 leads. Of those 17, he already scheduled six of them. We are set on helping Dr. McKelroy achieve his chiropractic goals, and he trusts in our ability to do so.

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