We’ve Closed on 80-90% of Our Leads!


We’ve Closed on 80-90% of Our Leads!

The Situation

Dr. Shane Kokoszka is the owner of a medically integrated practice in Westminster, CO. He’d been open for 18 years, but had done hardly any advertisement for his practice. He was ready to level up his practice, and he knew he needed online marketing to do that.

The Solution

First starting with a social branding campaign, designed to help his area gain trust and familiarity with his practice. We then developed a FB joint campaign promoting his services to people who matched his Facebook followers and those who lived in the area.

The Results

“December was our best month ever!¬† We closed 80-90% of our stem cell leads!

Dr. Shane has been very happy with his service. His entire practice has transformed. Before working with us, nearly all of his stem cell cases were from referral. Now, that is a thing of the past. In December, he closed on at least 80% of his stem cell leads generated from our paid ads. Total number of people was roughly 30, each valued at $3000-4800.

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