“340+ registrants for my in-person workshops.”


“340+ registrants for my in-person workshops.”

The Situation

Dr. Kuhn, a chiropractor in Williamsburg, VA, before the pandemic was doing weekly workshops and health screenings at hotels around his office with great success. However, after the pandemic hit, he had to throttle back his event schedule which caused a significant loss for his practice.

The Solution

We started him on two campaigns in a 30-mile radius around his office we would plan out events together and we get people to one of these six hotels he would go back and forth to. He wanted to attract folks for screenings and patients with nerve damage for his neuropathy program.

The Results

The Customer Factory helped me after the pandemic.

Within 2 months of working with The Customer Factory, he is back on top. He totaled 340+ registrants for his in-person workshops and saw a 14X return on his marketing investment.


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