“5 new decompression patients closed in one week!”


“5 new decompression patients closed in one week!”

The Situation

Dr. Kovacs had not tried digital advertising in a decade before coming to us over 5 years ago. He and his wife, Shelley, were looking for a new way to bring in decompression patients. They had been in their area for 33 years and noticed that more suburbs were being built.

The Solution

We started them on a sciatica campaign and targeted those suburbs and more affluent people. In just a matter of time, Dr. Kovacs had on the books 194 patients for just one week.

The Results

Our office has found that signing up with Customer Factory has been one of the best marketing tools we have used in all of our 35 years in business.

From The Kovacs: “The Customer Factory will help you reach people right when they are interested in the products and services you offer. Most marketing companies overpromise and under-deliver but not our Customer Factory. We have been riding the wave of consistent marketing results for years and it’s thrilling. We have also experienced excellent customer service and personal attention with just a phone call immediate response with a caring attitude. So if you asked me I would say it’s time to upgrade to the marketing program that million dollar practice owners depend on, get results, get the service & quality control.”


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