“We’re seeing 40-50 new patients a month from our marketing!”


“We’re seeing 40-50 new patients a month from our marketing!”

The Situation

Dr. Mitchell was looking for a way to expand his practice with online marketing. He had always done well with TV ads, newspaper ads, and the penny saver but wanted to hit new channels and reach more people.

He had just integrated his clinic for regenerative medicine and was looking to re-establish his practice as an integrated practice.

The Solution

Starting with a Sciatica campaign, Dr. Mitchell assigned one of his staff to be the new patient scheduler and had them go through The New Patient Scheduler Course provided as part of his service with The Customer Factory.

Once he had a well-oiled machine running, with lots of reach for his sciatica services he expanded his campaigns to include regenerative knee and joint campaigns.

Instead of overloading one scheduler, Dr. Mitchell made a smart move and hired and trained a new patient scheduler for each of his campaigns.

The Results

We’re seeing 40-50 new patients a month from our marketing!

Since his launch in 2016, Dr. Mitchell’s practice has grown by leaps and bounds. Now housing a 6-person new patient scheduling team to handle his leads, he is closing on average 40-50 new patients per month!

Statistically, bringing in over $1Million+ in revenue each year since 2018 from his marketing alone.


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