Has Gotten 49 Leads in A Week!


Has Gotten 49 Leads in A Week!


The Situation

Dr. Glen Burford, a chiropractor in Collierville, TN, was not seeing the results he had expected from his new marketing service. He wasn’t seeing nearly enough patients, with his practice averaging at under 50% capacity. When the lockdown hit, he needed to make a change.

The Solution

We put Dr. Burford’s staff through our New Patient Scheduler course and developed a sciatica campaign promoting his services to people who matched his Facebook followers and those who lived in the area.

The Results

“The Customer Factory is the only reason I am still in business!

Despite challenges with staff, issues with insurance and other personal issues, he has continued to expand his practice thanks to his commitment to consistent marketing. After getting his staff issues handled,  he has been seeing the most patients his office has ever seen, with 100 patients a week! All of his stats have been up. He is ecstatic with his growth and how things are going. Dr. Burford has been with us for many years now, and is happy to have found a friend in The Customer Factory.

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