Double Digit Leads Each Week!


Double Digit Leads Each Week!

The Situation

Dr. Darcy Ward, a chiropractor in Greensboro, NC, wanted her and her husband’s practice to become more stable. They were already running TV ads for their neuropathy and weight loss events, but were dissatisfied with the results they were receiving. They were looking to open a second office, but needed to gain more stability before moving forward.

The Solution

Dr. Ward came to us through a referral from another chiropractor, and started a neuropathy campaign with us. We began advertising her neuropathy screenings and events to people who matched her Facebook followers, suffered from neuropathy, and those who lived in the area. We then put her staff through our New Patient Scheduler course.

The Results

I’d like to start a second campaign, for our brand-new office.

Dr. Ward has been very happy with her time with us. So happy in fact, that she started running a weight loss campaign with us as well. That campaign received 37 leads in only 8 days! Her campaigns were going splendidly. Dr. Ward and her husband were able to open a second office, just like they’d hoped for. 

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