Over $14,000 in New Patients in One Month!


Over $14,000 in New Patients in One Month!

The Situation

Just two years since opening, Dr. Justin Collier, a chiropractor in Little Rock, AR, was ready to take the next step in his practice’s growth. He’d done  mailers before, but not much online marketing. The little FB advertising they’d done with another company, got their account shut down. He needed a marketer he could trust.

The Solution

Dr. Collier came to us through referral, and we went straight to work. We developed a neuropathy campaign promoting his services to people who matched his Facebook followers and those who lived in the area. We also started pushing him to post more on his Facebook page in order to feel more real to Facebook and his followers.

The Results

I’m happy with how things are going, we’re getting quality closes.

Dr. Collier has been seemed happy with his service. His neuropathy campaign is where we started, and it got 5 leads in just one weekend. While these are great results, it still didn’t end up being Dr. Collier’s shining star. His second knee campaign is where things really took off. In his second month, Dr. Collier closed over $14,000 worth of new patients suffering from knee pain. 

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