Scheduled 8 Appointments in 3 Days!


Scheduled 8 Appointments in 3 Days!

The Situation

Dr. Joe Fortunato, a chiropractor in Indianapolis, IN, had worked with other marketers before, but wasn’t hitting the goal he was aiming for. They hadn’t found success marketing his decompression services, and he knew that would take his practice to the next level. He hadn’t lost faith in them, but he was looking to retire soon. He needed to find someone who could market his decompression services and help hit his goal.

The Solution

We put Dr. Fortunato’s staff through our New Patient Scheduler course and developed a decompression campaign promoting his services to people who matched his Facebook followers and those who lived in the area.

The Results

I was able to schedule eight appointments within three days!

Dr. Fortunato has been off to a roaring start with us. He has been very happy with his service up to now, and is on track to reach his goal of ten leads a week. Recently, his patient quality has been so good that he managed to schedule eight new patients in only three days! He is hoping to start a neuropathy campaign with us soon.

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