Event Booked Solid After Only 8 Days!


Event Booked Solid After Only 8 Days!

The Situation

Dr. Casey Walker, a chiropractor in Lowell, IN had been open for 7 years. He had ran advertisements for his seminars before, and even saw success initially.  However, it eventually slowed and his marketer didn’t know what to do next. 

The Solution

He started a regenerative medicine campaign with us, advertising his regenerative medicine events to people who matched his Facebook followers, suffered from joint pain, and those who lived in the area. We then put his staff through our New Patient Scheduler course.

The Results

The room is at capacity! Please stop the event ad and turn on our back campaign.

Dr. Walker has been quite happy with his service. His first event went very well, and comfortably surpassed his expectations. A room that comfortably fit 20 people, saw almost double that amount within only eight days. Dr. Walker has since started a second campaign with us advertising his back pain treatment services.

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