Opened a Second Office!


Opened a Second Office!

The Situation

Dr. Craig Strickland, a chiropractor in Myrtle Beach, SC, wanted to diversify his patient population. He was getting patients but for only one condition. He was capable of helping many more people, but he needed a way to get them in the door. 

The Solution

We were recommended to Dr. Strickland by another of our clients. Taking extra care, we got to work immediately. We put Dr. Strickland’s staff through our New Patient Scheduler course and developed a regenerative knee campaign promoting one of his lesser-used services to people that suffered from knee pain symptoms and lived in the area. 

The Results

I really appreciate the advise and expertise I’ve received from my campaign manager.

Dr. Strickland is currently very happy, and has now expanded far enough to open a second office! He’s been a client for over four years now, maintaining steady results. Along with his second office’s campaign, we’ve run 4 other campaigns for Dr. Strickland.

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