10 Leads in One Week!


10 Leads in One Week!

The Situation

Dr. Shawn Taher, a chiropractor in Houston, TX took a big hit from the COVID lockdown. Prior to, he was doing amazing. He decided he needed to bolster his marketing to get back on track.  

The Solution

We started a sciatica campaign for Dr. Taher, advertising his service to people in his area suffering from sciatica symptoms. The goal was to reach high quality potential new patients, and get them scheduled. With his practice’s success prior to the lockdown, we were sure Dr. Taher could get the new patient’s scheduled. 

The Results

Things are going great, keep it up!

Dr. Taher has been very pleased with his service. After being with us for over a year, he has maintained a steady flow of leads. He had even begun a second campaign with us. He is approaching the profit goal he set at the beginning of his service.

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