30 Leads in Under a Month!


30 Leads in Under a Month!

The Situation

Dr. Frank Iulianelli, a chiropractor in Lake Orion, MI was another chiropractor devastated by the COVID hit. He was doing just fine prior, but couldn’t find his footing afterwards. He needed to find a solution fast.

The Solution

We launched a sciatica campaign for Dr. Iulianelli, aiming to connect him with local individuals experiencing sciatica. Our objective was clear: to attract and schedule high-quality potential patients. Given the success of Dr. Iulianelli’s practice before the lockdown, we were confident in his ability to welcome these new patients.

The Results

“We are on a roll! Let’s keep it going!

Dr. Iulianelli has been very happy with his service. He’s seen a consistent flow of leads since his start. Recently, his sciatica campaign generated 30 leads in under a month. Dr. Iulianelli has since started a second campaign with us, advertising his low back treatment program.

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