Booked Solid a Full Month Ahead!


Booked Solid a Full Month Ahead!

The Situation

Dr. Kyle Murray, a chiropractor in Upland, CA, took ownership of a practice from a previous client of ours. After a conquering a childhood filled with migraines and concussions, Dr. Murray decided he wanted to impact his community through chiropractic work. He wanted to reach as many people as possible.

The Solution

We put Dr. Murray’s staff through our New Patient Scheduler course and developed a neuropathy campaign promoting his services to people who matched his Facebook followers and those who lived in the area.

The Results

We’re closing at a 60-70% rate, even with being very particular with the patients we accept.

Dr. Murray is currently very happy, and getting two or three leads a day. His closing rate has been as high as 70% and he shows no signs of slowing down. He completely booked his schedule solid a full month ahead! His neuropathy campaign was doing so well, he later opened a sciatica campaign, neck & headache campaign, and low back campaign with us.

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