“Took my Neuropathy events to a 96.43% Show Rate!””


“Took my Neuropathy events to a 96.43% Show Rate!””

The Situation

Dr. Bill Wiedner, D.C. has been practicing for over 24 year.  His practice originally offering chiropractic care and neuropathy treatments.

Was averaging around $50,000/month in revenue and was looking for a better solution for attracting new patients. Was looking at starting dinner talks as they had been successful in the past but outside of some google advertising, referrals and ads in a local pennysaver was looking for something that would attract new patients to neuropathy and decompression workshops.

As the office was in Florida, their main problem was 30% of their business came from snowbirds (people who only lived in the area in the winter months) and they wanted to attract more local patients that would be long term clients.

The Solution

Launched an in office spinal decompression campaign to start, while he started planning his first event. This was specially targeting people who “lived in the area” as opposed to a general radius targeting. This was a free consultation offer consisting of consultation, examination and x-rays at no cost.

Once the event date was set, marketing for the first neuropathy event began 10 days prior to the event, to similar targeting, adjusting only the age range to match the neuropathy condition (55-65+)

Upon success of the first event, a marketing plan was developed to have a workshop every 2 weeks in different locations, and continue the in-office campaign switching the condition being marketed every few weeks between, decompression, knee pain, joint pain and shoulder pain to capitalize on all services offered and prevent ad fatigue.

The Results

My workshops now fill up fast, oftentimes over-capacity for the event space and with qualified new patients ready to accept care!

Currently running bi-weekly events, and direct to office campaigns. In the last month, had over 145 leads. 76 of those being event registrants with 96.43% event show rate. Cost per lead is is still at $35.16/lead.

His success in the past 4 years of being a client allowed him In the last year, to open a new state-of the art facility for patient care adding, Class IV Laser Therapy, Decompression, Regenerative Medicine, Vitamin Injections, soundwave therapy and physical therapy services. Moving him from 600,000/year to multi-million dollar practice status.


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