Meet Your Marketers

John Nesbit


SINCE 2012

As a successful agency owner among the top producers of the advertising world in Chicago, John developed and proved his unique analytical approach to online marketing. He's enjoyed success with brands such as HP, AT&T, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines, Microsoft, AMD, Dell and dozens of others.  

In 2011, John's health issues interrupted his high-pressure agency career.  However, this lead his personal discovery of the miracles of the Chiropractic MD/DC integrated model.

Following his recovery to good health, he turned down opportunities to continue working with top brands and instead dedicated his professional life to helping others find their paths back to health by connecting them to results based practitioners in their areas.

What Makes Us Different?

Family Owned & Operated

For over 10 years The Customer Factory has been owned and operated by John Nesbit and his family.

Our Purpose

To connect patients with the doctors who provide the services to help them, and to have a little fun while doing it. The Customer Factory has a foundation of tough dedication, and insouciance. 

The Senior Executive Crew

John's wife of 24 years and a veteran administrator with a background in finance.

Rosaura Nesbit

Executive Vice President

of Administration

He is an accomplished administrator with a degree in Analytical Mathematics, high-level training in data evaluation and all aspects of organizational operations.  

Merle Stepler

Executive Vice President

of Operations

The Executive Crew

On top of hiring and onboarding new team members, Carissa also supports and helps our current team with anything they may need.

Carissa Bryant

Vice President of Human Resources

Finance expert with 20+ years of experience in growing solvent organizations by maximizing revenue.

Tom Davis

Vice President

of Accounts

Marketing expert who oversees hundreds of thousands of dollars in successful paid online campaigns per month.

Johnny Nesbit

Vice President

of Technical Delivery

Heading the President's Office and our Public Relations Division, Michaela's brilliance and unparalleled communication skills ensure our affiliates needs are met.

Michaela Nesbit

Vice President

of Public Relations

Keeping us constant with all the new toys and gadgets for better results. Tony is to The Customer Factory, what Q is to James Bond.

Anthony Klarich

Head of Research

and Development

Our Well Trained Service Delivery Team.

Fully qualified and trained HIPAA expert with decades of experience working in the medical field. 

Jan Morgan

Client Relations &

HIPAA Compliance Officer

Always willing to go the extra mile, Alex keeps our clients' data and our systems forever in check.

Alex Nesbit

Client Data Systems


With her expertise in Facebook marketing and her constant attention to the day to day results, Audrey excels in getting your ads working exactly as intended.

Audrey Turner

Senior Client Campaign Manager

With his expertise in Facebook marketing and his constant attention to the day to day results, Justice excels in getting your ads working exactly as intended.

Justice Steers

Junior Client Campaign Manager

With her expertise in Facebook marketing and her constant attention to the day to day results, Alex excels in getting your ads working exactly as intended.

Alex Pena

Junior Client Campaign Manager

With many years of experience working with healthcare marketing under his belt, Larry is here to help you get started with your new patient marketing.

Larry Judge

Sales & Business Development

Her creative skills jumpstart new campaigns that are launched out.

Michelle Angcao

Creative Assistant

Her precision and attention to detail keeps client campaigns running at their peak performance.

Michelle Hernandez

Lead Production Assistant

Specializes in beating production deadlines and providing support that exceeds expectations. 

Judith Dignadice

Deputy Production Assistant

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