Compare Your Current Marketing Results With The Customer Factory

Dr. Heather Lambert, DC

Atlantic Coast Physical Medicine

"I can tell you our total business grew by 136% last year alone...

Over 4M a year [in collections]" - Dr. Lambert

Dr. Craig McGiffin, DC
Core Health Solutions

“You guys send us over 100 leads a month... The consistency is the number one thing I like about it.” - Dr. McGiffin

Dr. Tymothy Flory, DC

Atlas Brain & Spine

“The consistent leads have been a blessing through the Covid-19 pandemic - Not only have we kept open. We have actually grown. ”  - Dr. Flory

Dr. Matt Chenault, DC
Greenville Rehab & Pain Clinic

“I've been with the Customer Factory for two years and my new patients have gone up consistently.”
- Dr. Chenault

Advantages of New Patient Marketing With

The Customer Factory

Focused On Getting New People Into Your Office

We know it's not about how many "leads" you get in a month. It's about getting new patients in the door.
That's why all clients have access to exclusive training for their staff, through our New Patient Scheduler Course to maximize and utilize every new patient request.

2-Way Relationship to Meet Your Practice Needs

Gone are the days of set it and forget it. We know that in order for a marketing program to create real results communication is key.
That's why we check every 2 weeks to see your progress and adjust based on the results you are getting.
Need something now? Your Marketing Specialist is there to help and answer questions. 9am-5pm EST Monday through Friday.

Chiropractic & MD/DC
Marketing Specialists

There is a difference between being a marketing company and being a marketing company solely focused and trained in on-line Chiropractic & MD/DC Marketing. 
We have worked with hundreds of Chiropractors across the US and know the exact steps that will work to grow your practice. We do nothing else.

Exact Marketing Process
Proven to Get Results

We know what works. Written and codified over a decade of online advertising, we literally wrote the book on how to market a chiropractic clinic online.
Your Marketing Specialist is trained to know exactly what to do to help you reach qualified new patients and how to help you meet your practice goals.

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