Mr. Douglas D’Orio grew his practice to $2M in revenue in just 2 years time!


Mr. Douglas D’Orio grew his practice to $2M in revenue in just 2 years time!

The Situation

Mr. Douglas D’Orio, Nurse Practitioner, was seeking an innovative solution to traditional pain management practices, which often rely heavily on medications and invasive procedures. With two thriving clinics in Hamilton Township New Jersey and Yardley Pennsylvania, Mr. D’Orio aimed to introduce effective, non-invasive treatments for conditions such as neuropathy and frozen shoulder, to help patients avoid surgery and minimize drug dependancy.

The Solution

Mr. D’Orio implemented the neoGen® System by RST-SANEXAS into his practice. This cutting edge technology uses radio frequencies to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, effectively treating various painful conditions without the need for invasive procedures or medication. The introduction of this technology was supported by RST-SANEXAS’s comprehensive service model including marketing with The Customer Factory, to help drive in new patients.



The Results

Within 3 months, we were seeing an average of 18 patients a day! In month 6, we brought in $86K in revenue!


Patient Success: Mr. D’Orio has reported “tremendously successful” outcomes, particularly with patients dealing with chronic pain conditions. Some of whom have been struggling for over 15 years to overcome the pain and get back to living the life they want to live. 

Business Growth: The implementation of the neoGen® System and the partnership with The Customer Factory significantly boosted Mr. D’Orio’s clinic revenues, increasing from an initial $1.4 million in his first year to over $2 million annually. The successful marketing strategies and patient management tools provided by The Customer Factory played a crucial role in making sure his new neoGen® System was filled with new patients looking for reliable pain relief.

Innovative Leadership: Mr. D’Orio has since established himself as a leader in physiotherapy and neuropathy treatment, and is exploring new therapies that advance patient care beyond traditional methods. His proactive approach and community engagement has set a new standard in the field.

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