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See The Advantages of an Integrated Marketing Site

Over Traditional Cookie Cutter, Copy & Paste Websites

More Appointment Requests

A website that looks pretty but gets little or no results is worthless. Don't waste your money on unproductive online "eye candy".

An Integrated Marketing Site actively builds trust in your practice and guides each visitor to request an appointment to see you!

Measurable Results

You'll finally know, with certainty, exactly how well your website is performing. At a glance, you'll see precisely how many new patients your site directly brought in to your office.

No more guesswork, full accountability and a clear measure of the return on your investment!

Nurture Patient Relationships

Effortlessly track conversations with new patients looking for care. Build rapport and trust with a system that ensures no patient opportunity is lost.

Built-in system to boost patient reactivation  - you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Get More Google Reviews

Take advantage of the automated system to get feedback from your current patients and enhance your online reputation. 

Between that and the built-in SEO on the page, you'll be getting traffic from Google without paying a penny for advertising!

What's Included

Our Integrated Marketing Site Service Offers:

Personalized Doctor / Staff Bio

As part of our simple but comprehensive onboarding, our website technicians will craft personalized and compelling bios for you and your staff.

A friendly feeling toward the doctor and office staff goes a long way to building rapport. This is all geared toward getting more new patients into your office.

Unique Service Pages

An Integrated Marketing Site represents your unique philosophy of care.

Other, traditional website services use a cookie-cutter description of services. We understand that your practice is different, and we build your site to reflect that.

24-Hour Turn Around on Changes

Have your own designated Campaign Manager who can be reached by text, email or phone Monday through Friday during normal business hours. 

You have a practice to run and patients to care for. You should not be wasting your time, chasing after your website designer. If you need a change made to your site, we guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time.

Conversion Focused Design

Your Integrated Marketing Site design smoothly directs site visitors to request an appointment to see you. We're not interested in just eye candy, we're focused on driving results.

While regular websites merely showcase what you offer, this design will usher new patients onto your books.

Patient Opportunity Tracker

Your Integrated Marketing Site comes with a fully automated system that ensures no patient opportunity is lost. 

Easily view and manage every New Patient Opportunity. With one glance, you will be able to see exactly how many new patients you got directly from your site.

Your staff can text, email and call directly from the system - making new patient acquisition more efficient than ever.

Doctor's Voice™ Blog

Take advantage of a platform to reach your patients with your own words.

Some websites offer pre-written "blogs" that contain dull,  cookie cutter content, appearing across dozens of sites. 

The Doctor's Voice™ is an outlet for your distinct communication to be delivered to your audience.

Doctor's Voice™ Website Content

You will be interviewed by a seasoned website copy writer to get your valuable input as to what message you want to give to your future patients. 

Your specialties, your offers, your philosophy. We build your site as an extension of your unique practice - no boilerplate baloney.

Measurable Results

With traditional websites, you have no way of knowing how well they are (or are not) performing! Are they directly causing new patients to show up for care?

An Integrated Marketing Site allows you to see exactly who is coming in from the site using a unique tracking phone number. 

Instantly know how much money your website is making you.

Generates More Google Reviews

You have patients who are having great success with their treatment programs. Make it easy for them to post a public review with the click of a button.

Reviews go a long way to expanding a practice and our system makes it easier than ever to collect them.

New Patient Forms

Increase your show-up rate by allowing new patients to download your intake forms and fill them out before they even walk through your front door.

Less waiting for patients to fill out their paperwork means more time to care for patients!

Free Traffic from Google (Local SEO)

Get new patients from Google without paying for ads!

You don't even have to do anything! Our technicians will make sure your site has all the necessary components to compel Google to send more traffic your way.

Built-In Patient Reactivation

Nothing boosts practice revenue faster than Patient Reactivation. Our system allows you to effortlessly get your best patients back to the office and signing up for more care!

This comes free with an Integrated Marketing Site.

Increased Calls Into Your Office

Your site exists to usher new people into your office. You'll know it's working when your phones start ringing off the hook!

Call tracking let's you know it came directly from your website without question.


" I used to get 1 or 2 new patients a month with my previous website, now my practice site generates 15-20 since I switched to an IMS Site.

Best decision I ever made."

- Dr. Chenault

Get All The Features Your Practice Needs 

Starting at only $500/month

Doctors Who Recommend Our Integrated Marketing Sites

Dr. Greg Palkowski

Ohio - Dr. Palkowski, a former PatientPop client, had a traditional website that (on a good month) got one or two leads.

Now, with his new Integrated Marketing Site, he’s getting up to 3 appointment requests per day and is able to track the site’s performance precisely!

Dr. George Kelly

Texas - Dr. Kelly had experienced awful wait times and unresponsive “service” from prior website providers. Once his Integrated Marketing Site launched, he immediately started seeing incredible results, with 30 appointment requests in three weeks!

Additionally, when he needed changes made to his site, he was thrilled to be able to reach his campaign manager with one call and see changes made to his site within 24 hours.

Dr. Benton Dammel

Kentucky - Dr. Dammel launched his Integrated Marketing Site and had an average of more than one appointment request per day in the first month!

He had never seen results like this from a website and was extremely impressed with how easy it was to track each new patient opportunity.

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