It’s been said that only 10% of the population will go to a chiropractor. That number hasn’t improved since 1996, despite all kinds of patient education and celebrity endorsements, and various other attempts to make a dent in this.

Over at Summus, the observation has been made that the clinics that are implementing their laser technology are seeing more and more patients. These patients are admitting that they would never have come to see a chiropractor were it not for the new technology. This is especially true for patients who are looking for solutions to neuropathy.

The laser is opening the door for chiropractors to reach the other 90% of the population.

The significant results that doctors are getting in neuropathy treatments with Summus lasers are consistent. When you combine life-changing results with strategic marketing and word-of-mouth, you have a formula for practice growth that is incredibly strong.

“But John,” you may say, “there are so many laser companies out there. How do I know which one I should use?”

Well, I’m a marketer. I am not an expert in medical devices. But what I did for you is interview the experts so that you could get the data straight from them and make up your own mind!

You want technology that is easy to use, is effective, and will give repeatable results. There are specific parameters in place that Summus strictly adheres to in order to deliver exactly that. Their philosophy has been validated by an official publication by the top four researchers in photobiomodulation (laser therapy).

In the interview below, you’ll find more details about:

  • What kind of complaints do Summus lasers address?
  • Are these treatments typically covered by insurance?
  • What is the average fee charged by doctors using Summus lasers?
  • What kind of profit is available for the practice with laser implementation?
  • How will I get new patients in the door for this service?
  • What about repair arrangements, if they’re needed?
  • Why should I choose Summus lasers over any other company?
  • How will this add a competitive edge to my practice?
  • Is it difficult to market?
  • How does this laser calculate my ROI for me, in real-time? (Wait, what? Did I read that right? The machine does this for me? So I know exactly how profitable this purchase is, at any given time? Yup!)

Dr. Richard Albright and Dr. Phil Harrington cover all of this and more in this exclusive interview.

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