Client Service Dispute Claim Form

The Terms of Service, provides clients with an unresolved dispute exclusive recourse via the Claims Verification Board (CVB). This board serves an important function on occasions where communication has otherwise broken down.

The CVB's purpose is to review customer complaints, determine the validity of any claims and recommend to company management a solution so that a resolution is reached. All recommendations also include advice on how future similar situations might be avoided. 

The CVB has set procedures that involve a dispassionate and detailed reading of the Client’s written complaint, a review of relevant company/client communications, documentation, and a determination of the facts of any delivered services, etc.

Often both sides have strong views. Facts get distorted and there are often miscommunications, accusations, that preceded the dispute. The Claims Verification Board looks to calmly determine the truth of what occurred based on documentation and evidence to hand. It does not call witnesses or look beyond the actual documentation.


All claims are assessed exclusively against the company's Terms of Service as compared to what was actually done. The Terms of Service is the governing document for the Client/Company relationship. 

Service disputes must be filed by the same person who entered into the original agreement with the Company. This must be done personally by them. Employees, agents, underlings, etc. may not file a claim. Claims can not be filed in the name of another person or entity. 

Only one dispute filing may be made for any paid service and filing must be complete and cover all points in dispute. Addition points of dispute cannot be added later.

There is no cost to the client for filing a dispute.

The CVB must complete its work in no more than 45 days.

A dispute may not be filed later than 45 days after the end of a client's paid service term.

Threats (legal or otherwise), abusive language, chargebacks, public defamation, and/or non-professional (rude/insulting) behavior may result in a forfeiture of a client's right to use the Claims Verification Board.


1. All fields are required. Incomplete submissions may be considered invalid.

2. Please be complete and thorough in describing the circumstances and facts of your claim. This is your place to make your case in full. Include everything relevant to the claim. 

3. Provide details, specifics, dates, etc. as needed to help the CVB validate your claim. Back up any point in dispute with any documentation you can provide. A dedicated email address that goes directly to the CVB is provided below for this purpose.

4. Be professional in how you express your claim.

5. Reference the relevant points of the Terms of Service in your claim as you must document where these were violated.

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