300 New Patients in the first 6 months!


300 New Patients in the first 6 months!

The Situation

Mr. Douglas D’Orio was a nurse practitioner who decided to open his clinic dedicated to helping those with Neuropathy. He was set to open in 1 month and had no patient base of his own.

The Solution

We developed a Facebook marketing campaign designed to help him fill his new practice by the time of opening. First start with a social branding campaign; setting up his Facebook page and putting low-cost boosted posts and ads to get people in his area to like and follow his page.

Then 2 weeks before opening, kicking it into high gear and started a Facebook lead generation campaign promoting his services to people who matched his Facebook followers and those who lived in the area.

The Results

Within 3 months, we were seeing an average of 18 patients a day! In month 6, we brought in $86K in revenue!

By promoting his practice well before his opening Mr. D’Orio was able to open on day one with a filled schedule.  Within the first three months, he was not only making 3X his marketing investments but had paid off all of his equipment and was now in the black!

*UPDATE* Anesu Restorative Care has reached over $1.2 Million in revenue and has just broken ground on their second location!

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