The System You've

Been Searching For.

It Takes More Than Great Ads

to Support a Great Practice.

  • Tried & Tested Ads That Attract Qualified New Patients
  • Automatic Response & Appointment Reminders
  • Easy to Use System -- Know Exactly Your Marketing Results
  • Training For Your Staff to Maximize Appointments & Limit No Shows
  • Marketing Experts

    At The Ready.

    Trained Professionals Who Know Exactly How to Bring You To The Next Level.

  • Daily Analysis of Your Campaigns
  • Bi-Weekly Practice Growth Check-Ins
  • Available M-F When You Need Them Most
  • Trained to Get Results & Help Grow Your Practice
  • Practice Growth Oriented.

    Customized for Exactly What Your Practice Needs & None of the Things it Doesn't.

  • Social Media Marketing Experts To Guide Your Next Move 
  • Focused on New Patients, Not Leads
  • Works With You Every Step of The Way

    You Could Grow Your Practice by 25%

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    What Makes The Customer Factory Different

    Difference #1 - We Share The Risk

    • Service is Month-to-month

    • You Know you get our maximum effort everyday.

    • Lock-in contracts are only for those agencies who can't keep their clients with service & results.

    Difference #2 - Targeting Patients Who Accept Care

    • Our goal is not more leads, it's more CLOSES.

    • We adjust the volume and quality of your campaigns using income filters and other targeting options.

    • Your previous demographics, where your current patients are coming from and past success is taken into account when building your campaign.

    Difference #3 - Never Feel Neglected

    We are constantly monitoring, adjusting and maintaining your campaign daily.

    • You'll get your daily live report from your US based Campaign Manager on progress, updates, results and what we are doing to make you money.

    • Regular strategy sessions to focus on long-term revenue goal achievement.

    Difference #4 - Leads That Show

    • Scheduler Course Training for Your Staff - 3 Hour Masterclass from the top new patient schedulers in the country.

    • Results in 85%+ New Patient Arrivals

    • Takes all the work out of training excellent schedulers.

    • Proprietary. Only available from The Customer Factory

    Difference #5 - Quality Control Engineers

    • At the first sign of trouble, senior engineers look at your campaigns and diagnose them.

    • Goal is to Discover and handle drop in results before you even notice.

    • Keeps your campaigns operating on the latest proven technology and techniques.

    Difference #6 - Long Term Stability

    • We grow and expand your campaign based on your results and campaign success.

    • Exact procedures in place to know where to market next and what to do next to ensure growth.

    • Never worry about what to do next, with our Power New Patient Marketing Program.

    "I mean you guys are probably generating at least $90,000 to $100,000 a month for us overall."

    DR. KENDRA PEARSON  //  Restore Muscle & Joint - Kansas City, MO

    “Right off the bat, what I noticed immediately was the volume of the leads but also the management of those leads. Our show-up rate went up because of the training they did with my staff.”

    DR. ERIC NARRELL  //  Restore Health Center - Bonita Springs, FL

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